A Subjective Film Blog On Asian Cinema

Monday Matinee at Elgin Talkies
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To Introduce & Inform

My intentions for this blog are to critically observe Asian films for the sake of better understanding other modes of film making foreign to those proximate to me, found in States movies & European art films,  earn an appreciation for new perspectives alien to my current mental bank of cinematic tidbits & story recipes, and spark online conversations with film fans that share a passionate eagerness to discover the old and new in of film making processes.

It is about that strange attraction to foreign films, especially of the Eastern variety,  that I make my case to entice you,  for us both to be excited watching these movies. And, with the Internet neatly making organization of thoughts and comments  so consumptive, I want to get in the habit of sharing my opinions for others to contribute.

With new movies released often and an all too intimidating plethora of already established reviews on all the older ones fighting on that digital battlefield of film blogs online, I take my skewed vantage on western ideologies and expectations on plot & conflict in film toward narratives found in Chinese/Hong Kong, Japanese, and Korean films examining aspects such as story, theme, cinematic tone, editing, music, symbolism, color or lack thereof, and overall impact on future film making in a technical regard, all while examining differences in their genres, budgets,  and other limitations.

A Unique Time

Spaghetti Junction
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Also, this web project is a shot at trying to form creative theories on Asian media distribution, marketing, and advertising, a field so vast it makes me both excited and scared. Those aspects are wholly responsible for the diffusion of new visual arts unseen in cinema today, and it is with great pleasure that I confess my participation in a time so trans formative.

It is a daunting task, making a site that pushes to visualize so much from so MUCH, but to do this, the site needs contribution. A team effort to discover and engage. Be on the look out for great scenes, stories that whisper and shout for new narratives. They’re out there for the picking, and I’ve got a shovel to do the digging.

My Words Are Not Testament

I never want to assume the role of arbiter here, and I find fault in writing dishonestly with criticism. Therefore, I try not to be fake in my own work with writing these reviews and commentaries.

Please note then that my perspective on some materials will differ from your own from time to time. Embrace that. There is nothing wrong in difference of opinion, It is valued here. Use authenticity and feel free to make other constructive comments.

Share your opinions on films throughout this site. Let us see a community of film nerds develop here from our mission. And, above all, let us watch more Asian movies. Perhaps, your digging shovel is somewhere here too.