Deconstructing A Film For You: How I Approach Reviews for This Site

…Observe the elements


  • Narrative:

Is this story meaningful, having an impact on me– proving a pre-production writing light was on upstairs before the cameras and action and special effects filled our screens? This is crucial.

  • Design:

Has my having watched become an absolute pleasure from the film’s cinematography or sets or music? Was there an individual identity to this film because of an established art direction and ethic to tell visually and artistically? or should I have watched the paint dry in my garage walls for style and pizazz? 

  • Performances:

Can we see Daniel Day Lewis stuff here, in this film, or could my next door neighbor have filled in as the protagonist of this quaint little thing?

This isn’t a killer to a film, as much as most believe, at least for me, but damnit I like my fictional on-screen conflicts most when the people I am watching are remarkably believable! Characters make me not have to think of the story and fourth wall as a production carries on. That’s extremely important.

  • Direction:

My reactions from a film: are they a result of an isolate auteur, someone who can piece more than just pretty pictures & dialogue on celluloid/video for story, or was a talented group of experts crafting the drama or comedy I just witnessed? If I cannot pinpoint the source of direction, or mood, or tone of a film easily, I’ll want to turn it off. So will you! Probably. This goes hand in hand with narrative, wanting to see development, and I need clear, well-defined lines. 

And then I gather my notes, make some checkmarks and little red x’s to rate the movie(s)…

then…What is in a Grade? What do Mint Movie Review Results Represent?

…I like to use stars! Do you like stars? Stars help. Look what they mean:

  • 5 stars – This was amazing, and I can’t stop talking about it. My review is probably utterly incoherent, but–hmm. We’ll work on it together, later. Although you cannot read it (now), the gist is: you should really see this film. I strongly consider you comment on these ones the most, so we can text and stuff. yeah

  • 4 stars – It was a terrific film indeed, and I love seeing movies progress in this style, at a consistent state; very substantive and sustainable. But perhaps some work could have been improved upon-like the story or its sets. actors? damnit background lady #2

  • 3 stars – It was not bad, per say, but meh. Something or someone was around to jumble up this film’s narrative or direction (the production company maybe), and the end result is salty when I wanted sweet; vise versa. Maybe see this one though–it’s probably niche now or whatever; cult-like, as if a Chuck Palahniuk novel.

  • 2 stars- I really, truly could have produced a greater film, and I once burned myself severely using a toaster and some frozen strudels. That’s revealing. Again, maybe see this one, but do it while folding the laundry or watching another film. Wait until it hits the Netflix.

  • 1 star – You shouldn’t have seen this one. You shall regret it henceforth. It was so awful! Like, horrifically awful; smelling foul even. Eat paint chips instead of watching it. The ones from my garage perhaps. I’ll store some for you for later.

Mint Movie Reviews … Why should you read?

 well, they are…

  • Genuine & Personal
  • Subjectively Articulate…by just a guy–me. I’m no journalist, but I pretend to be; sometimes. That’s fun.
  • Info-graphically inclined –provided I continue to add helpful photos and boxes in-between reviews (* for you!!!), along with  Star Bars (*easy on the eyes. apparently?supposedly)
  • of All the genres of the rainbow –meaning I don’t mind dem’ thrillers and horror films of late; like Korean slashers. I’ll watch them too, if you might maybe request one and I can get my hands on a physical copy.
  • cared for, like I care for you. I do this to share and keep you informed. Basically: I like you.


That’s awesome, right? Yeah! Now go and read some articles and reviews. I put them here for you and me.

That’s “About” it. lol. get it?