Drug War 毒戰 (2012)


Drug War 毒戰 (2012)

A hybrid action film, “Drug War” manages to place two opposing forces, the good, found in Police Captain Zhang Lei,  Honglei Sun, & his team of police detectives and the bad, found in drug cartel member Timmy Choi, Louis Koo, on the execution table, lethal injection and a bullet to the brain the annihilation weapon.

With nice pacing and a deliberately hectic start, the film kept me engaged early on, but it was not without some hesitation that I held back from fully glorifying it all. The movie was trying to place strains on my prepped and ready expectation for a cookie cut plot from other works. For whatever reason, I felt it was going to try a Michael Mann Heat thing, and, in a way, it did. It’s wonderful, and, if you haven’t seen it, give it a definite look.

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